Monday, May 14, 2012

Ballroom Dancing: Lesson 5

Today was our last class. (*tear) It’s a 6 week program but we are unable to attend the last class because Graham will be writing exams. L

I loved this class! And Graham and I are defiantly going to register for beginner ballroom plus in September. We have learned so much in 5 short weeks, and I feel that we can now confidently navigate ourselves around a dance floor (although still a little awkward at times, but confidently awkward).

In last night’s class we reviewed the waltz for the first part of class and learned a dip for the rumba in the second part. Seriously the dip is so much fun! Graham just tosses me and we somehow finish in a beautiful dip. 

Yup just like this…

My eye opener from ballroom class->

The guy has so much more responsibility in ballroom dancing.  It’s crazy. I (being the woman) don’t really think about anything, and Graham (being the man) has to lead, prepare our next move, navigate around a room of people, and ensure proper timing.  I'm so thankful Graham has it together. No offence to Graham, but he is way better at dancing than I had thought he would be. Super grateful.

Any who, dance class at the Y with Alison and Atilla has been so wonderful and they are great instructors. If you have a wedding or event coming up and are hoping to impress on the dance floor, you should defiantly check out this class. Classes begin again in September.

I'm so happy that we are no longer limited to the penguin shuffle.

Here’s a video of the class courtesy of Shaw

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